January 24, 2023

10 Best Reasons to Opt for Vintage Chauffeur-Driven Wedding Car Service London

Wedding cars in London We love what we do here at A Star Limousine! Providing Event Rental services in London enables our customers to get the perfect service for them. Our clients can be reassured that their needs are taken care of in our hands, because of our skills and knowledge.”

It’s no secret that weddings are grand and once-in-a-lifetime events. It is one of those occasions where everything has to be perfect. All of them must fall in space from the dress to the venue, decoration to catering. Apart from all these things, one thing that needs special attention is transportation facilities for the newlyweds. If you’re a bride or groom, the wedding car service in London is available to ensure you travel comfortably and your celebrations become extravagant, which is not forgotten any sooner. Besides modern cars, vintage cars are also good options, but only some are fond of these old beauties.

Embark On your First Journey As a Newlywed Couple in Style with Wedding Car Hire London

Now, if you’re coming across this term of vintage chauffeured cars for the first time, you must know they are old-styled automotive legends with a classical and regal look. They originated way back in the period from 1919 to 1930. Their unique exteriors and royal interiors will never let them go out of fashion. 

Even if you’re not fond of these classic gems, they are still very popular. Also known as milestone cars, these vehicles are ideal for married couples, and there are plenty of reasons behind them. A vintage chauffeur-driven vehicle will put a royal touch on your event and make the day more memorable. 

Thus, when you book the wedding car service in London, you can easily pick your preferred classic carrier after going through the company’s fleet. If you’re still not convinced about it, we’ve put together 10 reasons to help you explore the benefits and specialities of the classic transporters.

  1. Beautiful designs

The classic chauffeur-driven cars are graceful showstoppers and look sublime. It is regardless of the fact that during those times, neither 3D models nor drawing software was used to make them. Thus, you can easily make your heads turn by riding in one of the elegant vintage chauffeured cars at the wedding venue or taking a stroll with your spouse. 

You can also hire them to transport your guests from the hotel to the venue and vice-versa. They will love the vehicles’ quality, aura and opulence and enjoy a one-of-a-kind riding experience. Book the best wedding car hire London cheap and get the best deal.

2. Steeped in history

Vintage chauffeured vehicles are prestigious and have a rich history which dates back to the beginning of the 1920s and 1930s. These antique legends have been used in Hollywood movies and sports tournaments and have also been a part of illustrious magazine covers. Even royal people and celebrities in the UK are fond of them and have found them unique and grand. 

3. It’s fabulous riding in a wedding car hire in east London

Imagine when you and your bride will arrive at the hotel gate and see a gorgeous vintage classic car waiting for you. Won’t it look incredible? Riding in it will be memorable, and you can elevate your pleasure and delight on your big day.

4. Confer romanticism to the moments

Nothing is more romantic than travelling in a classic car driven by a seasoned chauffeur. Every ride will become glamorous and memorable. You can celebrate your wedding occasion with champagne, chocolates, and wedding cakes and take selfies and photos on the way to your destination. 

Reserve the wedding car service London and select your preferred car in the fleet. We highly suggest you view all wedding cars available in the fleet, as it will facilitate you to choose the one that matches your comfort level, wedding theme and other requirements.

5. Take pictures with it in the background.

A beautiful and well-maintained classic vehicle with a graceful design in the backdrop can always make for great photos. The regal gem can grab guests’ eyeballs and capture the occasion’s essence. On top of it, a lavish decoration with white ribbons and colourful flowers will add to its splendour. 

When you reach the venue riding in it with photographers clicking you, it will confer immortality to the precious and once-in-a-lifetime moments. Couple it with your lovely wedding attire, which will bring in the wow factor. If you go by the demands, the vehicles with open tops will lend a touch of royalty, class and sophistication and look great in the pictures. Before hiring, check out the wedding car hire London prices.

6. Get driven by a courteous and experienced chauffeur

When you come from your home to the church and on the way to the wedding reception, an expert and seasoned chauffeur will be taking the driving responsibilities. He is someone you can trust as he possesses A1 topographical knowledge of the local places in the UK. Thus you can sit back and relax and solely focus on enjoying the moments. The chauffeur of the wedding car service London will offer you greetings and demonstrate hospitality of the highest order as soon as he meets you to pick you up. He will also take you safely to the venue.

7. Vintage car hire london is Perfect for all kinds of weddings

The superb wedding vehicles can add a royal touch to any wedding ceremony, regardless of the theme and magnitude. They are ideal for grand celebrations with countless guests and even those intimate ones with a few friends and relatives around. You can book them for a themed wedding or something offbeat. 

Thus, you can set the tone for a grand event. You only have to make sure that you hire your favourite vintage carrier or carriers from a reputable wedding car service London.

8. Wedding chauffeur service London has a Variety of options

From Rolls Royce Phantom to Bentley, each is unique and perfect for wedding hires. If you look at the popularity charts, you can find plenty of fantastic options. The Silver Wraith from Rolls Royce has stood the test of time and is even popular today as a classic wedding beauty. 

Other popular choices in vintage car hire London includes the vintage Daimer, Bentley Saloon, Humber, and Austin, with their specifications and cut above the rest. Search for a wedding car hire Essex and get the list of the best chauffeur companies operating in the area. 

9. Marvellous amenities

The vintage wedding vehicles incorporate superb amenities in their spacious interiors, making your wedding adventures comfortable and sophisticated. The wide and plush reclining seats are ideal for long-distance journeys, and you’ll also find AC, mood LED lights, drinking areas, music and entertainment systems, and much more. 

You can also get the amenities customised by consulting the experts of the wedding car service in London. They will give precision to each detail, including the features and decoration. Opting for the convertibles will tailor your needs and make the ride even more exciting. 

10. Great hospitality

The chauffeured vintage vehicles from a premium wedding car service London are matchless when it comes to hospitality. You can be up for the finest travelling experience with the friendly, well-mannered, courteous chauffeur. He will greet you at the pickup spot, look after your specific needs, and offer you the utmost privacy. Thus, the whole experience will be astonishing from the beginning to the end.


To sum up, a wedding is a lavish occasion, and there’s nothing better than hiring a vintage wedding car hire in London. You can take your comfort to the next level, get a taste of royalty, and transform your celebrations into a special one. 

With all their features and specifications, these classic beauties stand for the aristocracy and offer optimum comfort and pleasure. If you’re too planning to hire it for your wedding, book in advance as per the theme and season of your wedding and make the perfect style statement.


How can I find the perfect vintage car for my wedding?

Well, it all depends on your requirements and the features you want in the car. Look at the selection of different car options and check out their specifications. Search for a wedding car hire near me on your computer or mobile, and you’ll find the details of the leading service providers.

Vintage cars boast diverse shapes, sizes, and seating capacities. Before booking, you must consider whether it is only for the couple or there are more people. Consult with the experts of wedding car service London to reserve the one you want.
vintage car for my wedding

Are the chauffeurs trustworthy?

Yes, our chauffeurs are always very reliable. Apart from having the expertise and experience in driving, they also carry the name and logo of the company, making them credible for all journeys. However, you must do extensive research before hiring a wedding car service in London.
Are the chauffeurs trustworthy

Is booking my favourite vintage car in advance necessary?

Making an appropriate entry for the bride and a vigorous departure for the joyful newlywed duo calls for the right vehicle, and these gems do fulfil that. As vintage or classic chauffeur-driven vehicles are very much in demand, especially in the wedding season, therefore, it is vital to reserve your preferred one in advance. Always remember it is as crucial as booking the venue or the catering services in advance. Check out online to find cheap wedding car hire in London. 
Is booking my favourite vintage car in advance necessary?

How can a vintage car make my wedding special?

Wedding cars are often used as a background to produce stunning, dreamy wedding day photos. And it can be the talk of the town. If it is a classic vehicle that is well-decorated with flowers and ribbons, it looks even more spectacular for the photographers. You can also impress your bride with its sheer elegance and finesse. Get a price quote from the wedding car service in London, to ensure it aligns with your budget.
How can a vintage car make my wedding special?

What is the wedding car hire prices?

The wedding car hires cost UK depends on the vehicle and the model you select, the distance of the journey and the wedding season. If a festival is around the corner such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, the price rates skyrocket

How much is a limo service for a wedding?

The prices for renting the smaller limos range between £190 and £230, whereas the bigger limousines cost higher, and you have to shell out up to £450 to rent for any special occasion. The prices tend to vary from one wedding chauffeur service in London to another.
How much is a limo service for a wedding?

What are the best executive chauffeur services in London?

The whole search process is similar to the vintage wedding car hire London. When you look out online for the best executive chauffeur companies in London, you’ll find many of them claiming to be the best. It is vital to do extensive research about them and read the customers’ online reviews before hiring a particular service provider.What are the best executive chauffeur services in London?

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