December 17, 2022

While availing of the best London chauffeur services you may have extensive knowledge about the services. But when you avail of the service you must take note of all that you cannot or should not tell your chauffeur.

  1. “Can I bring along an extra person?”

The unexpected addition of passengers is not what was planned. It may impact the car size while you are availing full-day car hire in London for Your Next Event. Additional passengers are subjected to additional expenses. Hence as you have already paid for the service, it is a waste of time and causes great inconvenience.

  1. “I have something to put on the front seat, may I?”

It is expected to understand the clear difference between a professional chauffeur-driven car and a taxi. As a result, putting anything on the front seat is not an expected practice. Any other practices like putting your feet up on the front seat or anything similar is also not expected. Allow the chauffeurs to maintain what they follow and they will put all your luggage inside the boot with the exception of the baggage that is needed repeatedly.

  1. “Sorry I don’t require your service anymore”

When you change your plans, you attempt to bother the chauffeurs of the V Class Chauffeur London. It may happen that a friend has offered a lift but things must be well planned so that you don’t bother the chauffeur and waste time. A last-minute cancellation is an unplanned decision and it might impact the deposited amount. The chauffeurs offer their services based on transport time and travel time calculation. Hence it is not expected to waste their time.

  1. “I feel this part has been damaged before”

It falls under the key roles and responsibilities of the chauffeur to halt in between drives. They halt to ensure that the interior is clean and you are comfortable. They also keep checking whether things are properly placed and whether no parts inside the car space are damaged or broken. Hence if anything is damaged, the chauffeur of Corporate Chauffeurs London has the right to come forward with the query.

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Book the chauffeur service and you will get an excellent travel experience every time.

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