December 27, 2022

7 Incredible things to do in London during Christmas

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year and London is the best place to enjoy during winter. Christmas can be mostly enjoyed during festive season. Hiring a full day car hire London will give you the best experience in Christmas.

So, if you are planning to be in London this year, set your foot to try these exciting events during Christmas

  1. Gaze at the Christmas lights everywhere

The sparkling Christmas lights are more mesmerizing than you can expect. The popular Regent Street has more than 300,000 beautiful Christmas lights. The added attractions are the 16 fairy lights. The Bond Street has impressive peacock feathers. Other top spots for Christmas lights include Duke of York Square, Covent Garden and the beach along the South Bank.

  1. Visit the Winter Wonderland

The Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland provides free visit to winter-themed attractions. It includes a Magical Ice Kingdom, Zippo’s Christmas Circus, ice-skating rink and many more. On your visit you will be delighted to find the mouth-watering dishes and the charming Christmas markets. The free live music and the big ride are the added attractions. Enjoy the park from 10 am till 10pm.

  1. Get a view from the Primrose Hill

Observing New Year and Christmas from the Primrose Hill is a different experience altogether. The spectacular fireworks and the riverfront experience gives a fantastic view of the city. Hampstead Heath and Millennium Bridge are other interesting places.

  1. Go around the London Markets

Stroll around the riverside cottages on London Bridge, explore Greenwich Market or visit Leicester Square (which also has Santa’s castle. These are perhaps the best marketplaces to explore. If you’re a foodie, you’ll feel right at home at the real Christmas markets in King’s Cross.

  1. Experience ice skating

There are many historical backdrops of London such as the Canary Wharf, Somerset House, Hampton Court Palace and the Natural History Museum. Visit to these place entails some expenses. It will help if checked online and book the best chauffeur service London.

  1. Watch a Christmas Play

Seeing a Christmas play at London might me an expensive option. However, the experience is of a lifetime. Many theatre and pantomime shows let you enjoy the season the most. A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic is one of the noteworthy performances to watch. Just hire a full day car hire London and enjoy the events.

Not booked any chauffeur service in London yet? Hire the services and enjoy this Christmas more than ever.

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