March 27, 2022

Is Chauffeur Same As Driver – Driver Vs Chauffeur

Do you think that a chauffeur same as a driver are the same things? If so, you are wrong, but you are not the only one who thinks so. This is a misconception that many people have.

Although both the professional driver and chauffeur are hired to drive a vehicle, there are some notable differences between the two jobs. Before booking or receiving a quote for a professional chauffeur service from a chauffeur company, you should be well aware of the differences between the services offered by a driver vs a chauffeur.

Difference Between a Driver and a Chauffeur?

What is a driver and what do they do?

A driver is a person who has only one task – to drive a vehicle and move you from one place to another.

What is Chauffeur and what do they do?

A chauffeur is a professional driver who drives vehicles, including luxury cars, vans, limos and other sedans. They pick up passengers and transport them to their destination in comfort and luxury. They may work with high-profile customers, VIPs, celebrities or other dignitaries, but they may also work with large businesses and individuals. Their responsibilities depend totally on what kind of company or individuals they are working for and what are their needs.

Service They Offer

Wondering what services drivers and chauffeurs offer? 

Drivers drive the passenger cars, to get you from point A to point B, nothing more and nothing less while a chauffeur is employed to do more than just driving a passenger to their destination. They are there to meet your every travelling needs, right from making reservations and picking things up, to shopping trips, planning and arranging things, and more.

As long as your request is within the limits of the law, the drivers can speed you up or respond to your request directly. If you want to take a scenic route to your destination or take a tour, those requests are also welcome.


How do drivers and professional drivers dress? 

The difference between a professional driver and a driver is their appearance, i.e. the choice of clothes. The driver dresses the way he wants but a chauffeur is required to be well-groomed, presentable and wear a dark suit or tuxedo, shirt, tie, gloves (black or white) and black polished shoes. They can also wear hats and coats to match the occasion.

Driving in black doesn’t seem like a rule. They usually wear standard shirts or shirts and/or jackets with their company’s logo and logo, along with shiny skirts and shoes.

Cars They Drive

Mercedes S Class chauffeur car

What cars do drivers and bus drivers drive? 

Chauffeurs are often employed to deliver clients in luxury sedans, luxury cars or limos to ensure that an image of professional service, comfort and confidential service is conveyed in all aspects of their work.

Chauffeur services usually operate standard and luxury vehicles where passengers can choose the type of vehicle they want to be transported in as per their needs and the number of passengers and luggage. 

Route Planning

Does a chauffeur do route planning in advance?

A chauffeur does the complete analysis and route planning to familiarise with the route and avoid any uncertainties. Just in case something goes wrong or a miss with plan A, a chauffeur will be ready with plan B. And this is not the same with a driver.

Good Communication Skills

Will the chauffeur understand what I am saying?

Clear communication with clients is also essential when moving someone from one place to another. From receiving the collection details to communicating back the clients’ preferences such as preferred coffee choice, communication is the key. Most professional chauffeurs are English-speaking or multilingual so they can communicate well. This is what makes the difference between a great chauffeur and a driver.


What training is given to chauffeurs and drivers? 

Anyone can be a driver, but it takes special skills, training and many other criteria to become a chauffeur. A driver is paid to drive a car, but a driver is hired to do a job, so he is scrutinised more closely.

What are the main advantages of a chauffeur over a driver?

With a chauffeur service, the focus is not just on getting you to the destination of your choice safely, it’s about providing the highest level of customer care and service from start to finish.

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