Mercesdes E-Class

Hire our Mercedes E Class Chauffeur car for up to 3 persons and travel in complete comfort.

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Our new shape E-class Mercedes has set the highest standards of comfort and can provide the best accommodation to 3 passengers with 1 big and 1 medium luggage. The business class car integrates features like GPS tracking, child booster seats, Wi-fi and others making it perfect for executive level uses and airport transfers.

The chauffeurs in our team are adept, well-trained and multilingual and have outstanding knowledge about A1 topography of London and the Home Counties.. They maximise safety, comfort, and convenience and save valuable time with their excellent driving skills. They are stringently recruited based on their driving skills, experience, track record and demeanour. We know that you deserve the best travelling experience, and hence bring this car for hire to exceed your expectations with its high-level performance and superior comfort.

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