6 Exciting Things to Do In London at Night

Exciting Things to Do In London

If you are a night owl, you have a lot of places to explore in the corners of London. If you do not prefer the 24 hours tube service or do not want to avail the night buses all you need is hire chauffeur driven cars London to have the best travel experience. The city bridges are illuminated and gives a spectacular view of the city. Here we will talk about some more exciting things to do in London, particularly in summer months.

What to do at night in London?

  1. Visit the Shard

The Shard is the tallest building not only in London but the whole of Europe. To witness the best views of the city at night, you must visit the Shard. You will even get multiple restaurants to meet your hunger meanwhile. The Shard is a 310 metres tall building and if you go to the open air-sky deck you will have an unforgettable moment. The floor to ceiling aerial views are noteworthy too.

  1. Museum Lates

If you prefer to visit museums and galleries, you can visit but on selected days. The places get busy particularly in the daytime but you can enjoy calmness at these places during night. The most popular museums to visit are the London Transport Museum, National Gallery, Science Museum, and Natural History. Enjoying the Dino Snores at the Natural History Museum is a fun experience. Also, in the museums you can enjoy science shows, live music, movie marathons and feast. Museums at night are the most entertaining places.

  1. The Key Ceremony

It is a historical evening activity which is fun in its own way. It is a part of the process in which the Tower is locked up for the night. Traditionally, it’s all about passwords, big bunches of keys, Beefeaters and military music. Advance reservations are required if you want to be a part of the event. When in London, book a Luxury Car Hire with Chauffeur near Me to enjoy the Ceremony of the Key.

  1. Run the London Eye

From its central location, London Eye allows you to admire the city’s iconic sites. If you remain busy during the day you can hire a private chauffeur in London. Check the London Eye website, as closing times vary by day. A walk at sunset can be magical. Avail the Private Chauffeur in London to go through the right routes.

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  1. Night travel

Night tour in London becomes exciting. Solve the century-old mystery of who he really is. Full disclosure, the chances of you doing this are slim, but hey, if you’re a fan of ambient “spookums”, you’ll love this one regardless. Take this unique night tour through the dramatic back roads and secret lanes of East London.

  1. Late Night Shopping

You can shop at your heart’s content in this “Shopping city”. Enjoy Westfield Stratford and Westfield White City that are open until 9PM. You can also visit London’s famous Oxford Street to shop the best.

Other than the above-mentioned activities, there are more things to add to the night life in London. Book Chauffeur Driven Cars London and experience a wild night life tonight.

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